8 Practical Steps on How to Reduce Stress

You just had a stressed induced Momster moment, didn’t you? Now the guilt is simmering. As a mother, knowing how to reduce stress is imperative to the effectiveness of our parenting.  The source of our tension maybe the result being a broken record, or  the culprit is lack of sleep. Whatever the reason and indication of rising stress levels should be noted.

3 Indications of High Stress Levels

  • You experience chronic feelings of guilt and self-doubt.
  • You feel like you’re just going through the motions.
  • You frequently feel frustrated and cranky, even about the little things.

Here is the thing, we all have seasons life is out of whack. Being in a high pressure season doesn’t mean you are not incapable of handling your family or your current situation. We all need a little practical advice to fight through the hard days of mothering. Recently,” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> I shared the number one way to reduce stress. Now I am back with more practical ways to reduce stress.

how to reduce stress nowReady?!

Practical Steps on How to Reduce Stress

  1. Daily Care:

    When in survival mode, mom puts herself last even in simple ways like morning hygiene. When in a hurry or when there are no plans to leave for the day our morning hygiene goes out the window. However, spending 15 minutes on you can reduce overall pressure of your day. The weight that is lifted after an amazing shower is freeing! So fresh and so clean, clean!
  2. Quiet Time:

    Life is either breathed in to us or sucked out, never both. Jesus is the breath of life and He wants to breathe Hope into our lives. It’s during our biggest hardships that Jesus can do the greatest restorations to our heart so we can become more like Him. Every time you feel that anxious feeling rise up say a verse.
  3. Walk:

    For most, walking equates as exercise and who has time to exercise? But if a 5-10 minute walk would keep you from blowing up, would you find time? Of course! Walking decreases blood pressure and clears your mind to think clearly and rationally. It allows for a moment to pray and debrief to God who in turn is faithful to provide us with wisdom.
  4. Drink Tea:

    There are many health benefits to drinking green tea, one of which is that it is calming (it reduces blood pressure). I personally have switched from primarily drinking coffee to tea. I drink Green Tea in the morning, Black Tea in the afternoons when I need a boost, and Encourage Mint Tea before bed. You can add sugar and milk for flavor but I drink mine Au-Natural. Some other benefits to Green Tea are increased the metabolism, regulated gluten levels, lowered cholesterol, and reduces depression among other things.
  5. Set Realistic Expectations:

    My intentions and perhaps yours too, are to give my best efforts to my family. Consequently, we expel a massive amount of energy to show our love.  In the end we are empty. As women, we are wired to multitask and consistently looking for ways to improve our efficiency. Most multitasking is necessary and gains a positive result. In other incidents it is the result of not being saying no or setting limits. Either way we are left short fused, usually at the expense of our families. All the things we fill our time with our good activities, but too many good things will overshadow the great things we should accomplish!
Refusing help and overzealous multitasking are echoes of PRIDE. Moments we are leaving God and His infinite wisdom out of the picture.
  1. Teach Kids To Help:

    Harness their energy! Part of raising our children is teaching them responsibility. They can make a bowl of cereal in the morning, or help siblings with spelling words. Plus a regular chore schedule helps share the load.
  2. Time with Friends:

    We make time for our kids to have friends; we should do the same for ourselves. Get away for coffee. Meet up just to talk.
  3. Time Alone:

    Have a mandatory naptime or quiet time. The kids may not want quiet time for themselves, but it’s necessary for you. The same goes at night after the bedtime routine is done. The kids stay in bed. It’s time for mom and dad to have time to reconnect.

On the days that you want to pull the blankets back over your head. Remember this… Mothering takes diligence it’s a long term investment! As mothers, we are the glue that holds our families together. However, once we are at a point that we are coming unglued; it’s time to set aside time for ourselves to reduce stress. You are God’s chosen child; accept the grace he wants to lavish upon you.

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