Banana Tea, yes! That’s Bananas!

A couple months back our New Blend Box Subscription was circus themed. Our featured tea was That’s Bananas. Sounds crazy! I knew what I was doing. Many of our box subscribers wrote in to say they were reluctant to try it but were happy they did. It became a favorite and how do they get more?

Good news, it’s now available on our regular menu. Now everyone gets to try it!!

Just listed our That’s Bananas Herbal tea! Remember Grandma’s banana bread? The cozy warm feeling as you take a bite of the freshly made bread. This tea is just as indulging without the sugar and caffeine. This smooth brew deliciously combines your love of baked goods with our full bodied honeybush tea.

I will have a few That’s Banana Teas with me at Lake St. Louis Farmers Market today. Along with our New Car Coaster, and Tote Bags. PLUS our NEW MAGNET Packs!

Yes, another new item I am excited to bring you is our New Magnet Packs.

We have our Joyful themed tea memes. You get 6 adorable magnets in each pack to cheer up your refrigerator or any space that can hold a magnet.

When I shared the idea to possibly add these magnets to our shop y’all were excited! Thank you for that feedback. Your enthusiasm inspired me to also include a Plant Lady Magnet pack too. It’s available online and at market today!