Best Calming Tea Blends

Hey Joyfuls!

Another Saturday has come. I wanted to share a quote with you that has encouraged me.

Sky Above Me

Earth Below Me

Fire Within Me

Author Unknown

Sky Above Me reminds me of the limitless opportunities. Even if sometimes that means, staying on course and standing alone.

Earth Below Me says to be grounded in who I am and remember how far I’ve come.

Fire Within Me is what motivates me to get out of bed, to self-care, and to work hard. My fire comes from those that I love and my passion for life.

What does the quote say to you?

Stress affects each of us differently, but long-term stress can easily change our physical body and mind in even the most balanced of people. Digestion, sleep, mental clarity, mood, and even the immune system can suffer over time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to practice self-care while you continue to care for the world and the people around you. Mindfulness techniques such as yoga, meditation, journaling, gardening, breathing exercises, drinking green tea, and a healthy diet can improve your emotional outlook and physical well-being significantly.

Best Calming Tea Blends

Caffeine Free: Migraine Relief or Chamomile

Caffeinated: Fresh Citrus or Lemon Sunshine

Yes, I will be at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market again today from 8-12 on the Von Maur end of market.