Chocolate and Tea? Yes, Please!

chocolate covered strawberry loose tea pu erh

What do chocolate, roses, and tea have in common? Valentines tea blends! Yes, that’s is right! …and they are delicious.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry | Pu Erh Tea

chocolate covered strawberry loose tea pu erh

Pu Erh Tea pronounced (Poo – air)  is also known as “old man tea” because it is an aged black tea. Not only does it go through the oxidation process as other black tea, it is also fermented. The fermentation significantly increases the caffeine level as well as giving it a nice, rich flavor. We blend ours with chocolate pieces and strawberry extracts to name a few. Enjoy this guilt-free treat!

Strawberry Fields | White Tea

strawberry fields rose tea

Roses are red. Blueberries are blue. Both are in this tea, just for you! White tea is packed full of antioxidants! It is a delicate leaf that can only handle a 2 minute steep or it gets bitter. Strawberry Fields is also packed full of flavor! …and can be steeped at least two times. Goodness, look at the beautiful colors in this tea!

Market Schedule

Elderberry Place is on our Market Schedule for tomorrow. Try some tea and pick up orders. We will be there from 11-3! Address is 207 O’Fallon Plaza, O’Fallon MO 63366. If nothing else just stop in to say hello!

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