How do you drink tea? Giveaway!

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Hey! Hope you are having a great week, if not here is some Sanity to keep you going strong! Looking for natural ways to overcome stress is what drew me to tea years ago, especially Green Tea.

How I drink tea

Hot tea is savored in the cold months of the year. I hold the mug with two hands and lace my fingers under the handle. It’s weird, I know. However, in the warm months, now until September, I enjoy a pitcher of Iced Tea with my family, daily!

Cold Brew Iced Tea

iced tea cold brew

Iced tea is cool and refreshing. Yet depending on where you get it, the tea can be full of artificial flavors, added sugars, and other synthetics. OurCold Brew Iced Tea is all naturaland simple to make. Simply pop one pouch into your pitcher of cold water and the tea brews cold in your fridge. Fresh and simple iced tea! Tomorrow, you can find our full line of Cold Brew Iced Tea and tins at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market from 8-12. We will also be at the Uncorked Event at St. Charles County Library Friday April 28th.

How do you drink tea?

Right now, there is a giveaway on our Facebook page for a $10 gift card to our store. How do you take tea? Like the English, Posh, Royalty, or a Jedi? Head on over, leave your comment and share to be entered!

jedi tea

Coupon code

This weeks coupon code JEDI and offers $2 off a $25 purchase! Happy Steeping,

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