Encouragement for virus fear.

Hey Joyful,

If your inbox is like mine its full emails of companies telling you what they are doing to comply with the unknows of the Coronavirus. I want to tell you that too. First, I want to encourage you during this time of the unknown.

The fear of the unknown is just what we are facing. Because so, we as a country are being cautious by washing our hands more often and extra sanitizing. However, our phones and social media are feeding us updates so quickly that it is brewing fear of the unknown.

Put down your phone.

The fact is so far, the symptoms are much like the common cold. Will it get worse, I can’t say. What I can encourage you to do is put down the phone and step away from social media. It kind of reminds me of 9-11 when we were all glued to the T.V. consumed with the unknown. BUT Remember 9-12 how we saw the community and country come together united as one. That happens every time we are faced with bad situations. Intentionally look for the good and you will find the good!

Look for the good around you.

Put down your phone and look for the good. See the beauty all around us. Yesterday, I noticed the little buds on the branches of our tree out front. Then in the planter by our light post is our first purple Iris bloom. Things will continue to move forward and bloom. Everything will end up being just fine. Of course, you should follow the recommendations. In the meantime, you can get out for a little walk to enjoy nature. You can call and check on a friend. You can share a roll of toilet paper with the crabby neighbor 😉

Joy is a choice.

Blooming with joy isn’t just a pretty name. It is a reminder that no matter what life throws at you keep choosing joy. Happiness is a fleeting feeling, joy is a choice to remain positive, to remain strong. Practical tips are Green tea is great to alleviate stress. I typically reach for Fresh Citrus. Herbal teas are relaxing, Wellness is relaxing with loads of Elderberries.

You are strong. Stay Positive. Choose Joy. It will be ok!

What are we doing to keep clean?

As always, I comply with the county health inspectors and laws. We are doing extra to sanitize and clean my workspace and store space. We will ship all our products right to your door so you can stay out away from the general public until you feel more comfortable.

I know many of you are curious about my main workspace. Well, here it is. The little containers are single servings ready to ship. I have my favorite Cinderella teapot from our Disney trip. My planner and other things that make me happy on are the shelves and in the baskets. The white surface is where I blend your tea. Everything is freshly and thoroughly cleaned.

What is New?!

In January, I released Ambition tea in our New Blend Box. Everyone loved it so much that it has become the number one requested blend. Read the New Blend Box Reviews to see what other Joyfuls said about Ambition tea.

Ambition Tea is Now Available.

Ambition tea to greet your goals. Black tea is full of caffeine so you can jump out of bed and write down those goals. Yerba Mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, with the euphoria of chocolate. Kola nut is a natural performance enhancer. Chocolate has antioxidants and cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugars. Safflower helps with weight loss. There ya go, all the motivation you need in one cup of tea! Plus, its natural, and sugar-free!

Canceled: Lindbergh High School Craft Fair

Today March 14th.

Elderberry Place has its Spring Open house 10-5.

Long Row Lavender has the Season Opening Day 10-4.