Green Tea Helps With Stress

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There is no way around it, the health and political climate in our country is tense. Now, added to that, it is back to school season. So stress is on the rise is all of us including our kids and grandchildren.

For instance, our youngest daughter is going into 6th grade and was looking forward to decorating her locker and seeing friends in the hall. According to the district, there will be no lockers or friend time before school and during passing time. She was upset and said they took all the fun out of school. Now everyone will just be mean.

I reminded her of her elementary school teachers. I asked if were they ever mean? Nope. We have great teachers in middle school too. The 6th grade teachers know you will be nervous. Plus with all these new rules I’m pretty sure they will go above the norm to make everyone comfortable and happy. I want her to love school but also cope with life’s disappointments. There are many more to come.

I encourage everyone to show a little kindness these next few months especially to the students and staff at school and to individuals that have to enforce policies they didn’t write.

We will all be making tough decisions in order to give our families what they need. Do what is best for you and be thoughtful of others. In the meantime, here are stress-reducing tips.

How Green Tea Helps with Stress

  1. Brainpower: Green tea can actually make you a little smarter. It contains less caffeine than coffee, but still has a stimulant that improves brain function. Along with the dose of caffeine per serving, you get the amino acid L-theanine that works with the caffeine to help you wake up and avoid the jitters from too much caffeine from coffee.
  2. Metabolism booster: Because green teas have so many healthy antioxidants, they have been shown to help raise the metabolic rate in our bodies. So, if we are indulging in some fun summer festivities, keep in mind to drink your green tea before and after in order to help keep your metabolism moving and possibly avoid abdominal weight gain.
  3. Mild Depression: Whether you are having a blue day or you really do suffer from mild depression on occasion, the amino acid L-theanine found in green tea leaves has been shown to reduce signs of depression. It’s can produce a calming effect and is an excellent warm or cold.
  4. Skincare helper: Green tea can also assist with preventing serious wrinkles and help prevent the signs of aging because of its anti-inflammatory agents. So, drink your tea, and start a routine of fighting the signs of getting older now.
  5. Heart protector: This is a great benefit! Since green tea helps the blood vessels stay nice and relaxed, they can handle the ups and downs of your blood pressure. And with the formation of clots being the main reason for a heart attack, green tea can help prevent the formation of these clots while the blood vessels remain in a relaxed state.

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