Help Me Please?!

Can you help me please?

Lake St. Louis Farmers Market is hosting a survey to find the best products sold at market. Even if you haven’t been there – you know our products! Can you Vote For us?! Drop our name in any category Blooming With Joy Tea Co. fits, please.

Voting Closes TOMORROW!

Here is the Link to the survey.

Market This Week

We will be back at Lake St. Louis this week. The weather that came through our area last week was crazy. We had extreme temps followed by record breaking rain and flooding. Which did cause a delay in shipping. We are back on track now and orders are moving out quickly.

Tea of the Week

We’re dreaming of a White Christmas TEA. It’s made of premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with candy cane pieces and peppermint leaves. Usually, it’s only available during the holiday season, but this year we are celebrating Christmas in July!

Birthday Gift Feature

We’re celebrating our 7th year in business this month! Are you celebrating any birthdays this month?

If so, here’s a great option to gift: Our Single Serving Tea Gift Sampler Set!

It includes your choice of 12 loose leaf teas pre-measured for a 10 oz cup of tea, 12 paper tea filters, and cards with your choice of color.

Quote of the Week

“I’ve noticed when I fear something, if I just end up doing it, I’m grateful in the end.” -Colleen Hoover