Help me!?

I need your help!?

The main Famers Market we attend during the summer is holding customer choice awards. Last year, you helped me win FIRST PLACE for Best Handcrafted Beverage! We surprised everyone when we beat out ALL the coffee vendors! Can you VOTE to help me win again? Regardless, if you have attended or not, you know our products and our service (two categories). We also love Early Bird Farm and Triple M for farms. We love “CC and Me” and Steampunk Sammy for best Artisan. We love the Tamale Man for prepared foods.

Speaking of… We will be at Lake St. Lake Louis Farmer Market today 8-12! One the Von Maur end of market. We are sample our Dragon Fruit Cold Brew Kit!

Dragon Fruit is a member of the cactus family, this tropical fruit has an unparalleled essence that brews up into an exhilarating infusion. Dragon Fruit brings a mouthwatering, refreshingly sweet flavor to our cold brew iced herbal teas.

“This dragon fruit cold brew has a softer flavor for those days you don’t want a super strong punch in the mouth when you go to drink some cold tea.”

Danielle L