How We Got Started

We are often asked how we got started in the Tea Industry.

I started as a speaker and writer that encouraged women to find joy in difficult situations. Consuming tea was always one of the practical tips I shared to find peace in the chaos. Tea was going to be my “books” at my talks. Instead, it took off. So I switched gears, pursued the appropriate education, and followed the new path. has been around for almost 10 years. We have been a Tea Company for 5 years.

I recently found this photo below. It was my opening slide at my talks. As you can tell the girls who are all practically teenagers now, were 2 & 4 years old at the time.

Let me set the stage for this photo. Three months prior we had moved across the country and we were the new family in a small town. We arrived two days before Christmas. The first thing we unpacked was the Christmas tree.

Within 2 short weeks, my husband left for a long term business trip. I was home getting us settled alone. It was so stressful. The kids were little and everything was chaotic. At the end of his business trip, there was a celebration that included spouses. We were planning to leave the night this photo was taken.

My plan was to leave for the weekend with a perfectly clean home. I had succeeded in my goal minus one load on laundry that was finishing in the dryer. I went to the basement to fold the last load. When I came back up….my living room was COVERED in baby powder! The girls had decided to play fairys and use the powder as Magical FAIRY DUST!

I managed to take a picture, then called my husband home to help clean up. We were cleaning up baby powder for THREE Months! In the meantime, we did go on our trip. I think it was good?!

Our strongest de-stressing tea is Matcha. I add some to my smoothie every day for energy and to clear the brain fog.

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