Long Row Lavender Tea Blends

Did you recently enjoy the gardens at Long Row Lavender?

Their gift shop is lovely and you must have found our tea there! Thank you for your support. We offer Long Row Lavender exclusivity to the blends created with their lavender. So several of them are only found at their shop, but let me help you find what you are looking for.

Continue Exploring New Teas

Continue Exploring New Teas with our New Blend Box. The New Blend Box is our Tea Subscription Box. Each month you get a package that includes 3 teas, for only $15, with Free Shipping.

The featured tea is brand new to our menu. As a subscriber you get that exclusive tea it is not offered to the general public. You also get two other teas to try. Just enough tea to get you through the month without going overboard.

That is all I promise.

However, we enjoy taking care of our subscribers so there is always a theme and BONUS items in the box to enhance your experience.

Read what current New Blend Box subscribers are saying:

I love receiving this box every month! It’s like a little gift to myself, a surprise because I don’t know what I’m going to get! Since I’m a little timid buying teas I have never tried, I especially like that I get to try out several new teas each month. Yum!


Oh my stars!! My tea came wrapped in pretty purple tissue paper, with a card and gift for me. What a wonderful surprise!! I am very appreciative? Thank you❤ I am also enjoying my delicious teas.


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Thank you for supporting two family-owned businesses.

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