Market Yay!

Hey Joyfuls,

I will be at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market TODAY 8-12. There is some rain in the forecast but a little rain never hurt anyone. 🙂

This week our best selling items are:

subscribe and save
  1. Our Subscribe and Save Program. Once you find your favorite blend of tea with us, you can save money by setting it up on a subscription. You get to choose the frequency (monthly/quarterly) and the tea blend (you can change it as often as you’d like by emailing). This way you NEVER run out of your favorite blend and have to log in to order. It just shows up at your door. Customers love the convenience of our Subscribe and Save
  2. Sweet Peaches Cold Brew Iced Tea. I wasn’t expecting this to be a top contender this week but the warm weather is here. Our cold brews are simple and convenient to make. Did you know we have a separate subscribe and save program for cold brews too? I don’t talk about it much but yes! You can have your iced tea automatically shipped to your door all summer!