My Favorite Iced Tea

Hey Joyfuls,

I hope you are well! Locals its has been good seeing your faces again. Those further away. I recognize your names as your orders come in and it makes my day.

One question I am often asked is what is my favorite tea? Truly it is one of the hardest questions I answer because it all depends on the day and season. Right now the season is supposed to be warm so I naturally want to grab the iced tea but I typically start my day with Fearless or Fresh Citrus.

Fearless Loose Tea joybox

Fearless is a good strong black tea with some personality but not crazy like Hot Sassy Cinnamon. I gravitate towards black teas because I like the fuller flavors.

However, I FEEL my best when I start my day with green tea and yoga. Green Tea has calming and clarity properties. I love the way I feel after a cup and a good yoga stretch. On a side note, I am on day 34/100 consecutive day yoga challenge. Let me know if you practice yoga or if we should set up any challenges soon?

Anyways, because of that reason, I drink Fresh Citrus most mornings too.

Then I fill my afternoons with our Berry Blast Iced Tea. It takes the edge off sweet cravings, plus it cold and refreshing. That’s my tea regimen for this week. It will change soon. What teas are your favorite?

Lake St. Louis Farmers Market

Today I will be out at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market from 8-12. My new Space is across from Von Maur.

The Country Living General Store in Washington Missouri and Elderberry Place were both just restocked too.