New Par-Tea Items for your Collection

Happy New Years, Joyfuls!

Thank you for supporting our small business during 2021. You are apart of our family and we cannot thank you enough. We wish you a whole, happy, and healthy 2022!

Back In Stock

You all have loved Ambition Tea blend. Sorry to those who have not had the chance to try it. Good News is is back in stock again!

Pour yourself a cup of Ambition. Ambition Black Tea is packed full of antioxidants and elements to empower you to reach your 2022 Goals. Black tea is full of caffeine so you can jump out of bed and write down those goals. Yerba Mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, with the euphoria of chocolate. Kola nut is a natural performance enhancer. Chocolate has antioxidants and cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugars. Safflower helps with weight loss. There ya go, all the motivation you need for 2022 in one cup of tea! Plus, its natural, and sugar-free.

New Products to PAR-TEA with in 2022

We have a Brand New Collection of Par-Tea collectables for you to enjoy the new year! In this collection is a mug, car coasters, and key chain. You might just be seeing this little guy in other poses this year for other collections. He/She needs a name – any ideas?