New Product Alert!

New Product Drop!

This is just the beginning. Soon you will see new Tea Themed Products and New Tea Blends! I’m excited to offer new things to change it up a bit. First up is our Tea and Herb Themed Totes. These totes are HUGE and very thick. Right now we have 5 styles. New ones are coming. Some will sell out quickly and not return, others you will see longer. My favorites are the Garden Gangster and Bee You – I love my 90’s gangster rap. In the future you will see 90’s references too.

Below is a video of me making the totes on TikTok. Yes, TikTok. I downloaded the app to keep an eye on my kids and got addicted. So we are now on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


I’m excited to learn something new and bring new products to my shop soon!

♬ Dance Monkey – Tones and I

Top Sellers This Week!

  1. Lemon Sunshine Green Tea – This was in our New Blend Box March of 2020. So many subscribers love the fresh green flavor that we brought it out on the regular menu!
  2. Fearless Black Tea – Truth be told, this is my favorite black tea. It is simple and has a little flavor but very clean.
  3. Cold Brew Subscription – Many Joyfuls enjoy the convenience of their delicious iced teas showing up at their door automatically. Keep in mind some of our cold brews are out of stock at the moment. This happens in the spring as we wait for fresh crops to arrive.

Coming Soon!

Our March New Blend Box was a Circus theme. Our tea was That’s Bananas. Our Joyfuls were apprehensive to try it but once they did – they could not get enough. So is coming soon to our regular menu!

No Market

We have cancelled market because of rain. Too much rain leads to product damage.