New Studio and Store Space

Hey Joyfuls,

Hope you are staying warm this winter. We are in non-travel season but our website is at work and we are still taking care of you online.

Studio Space

Behind the scenes we are also taking the time to move into a new Studio Space which makes the tea process more efficient. In turn, your order gets out the door faster. This studio space is not open to the public but you can see it in our instagram reels. I’ve been having a lot of fun on Instagram reels showing behind the scene things like orders being packed. Is your order in the reels? You will have to jump over there and watch.

Store Space

Just as we wrapped up our studio space move. Our friends over at Elderberry Place decided to move their store, next door. If you didn’t know, they had two unconnected store spaces. One was the store the other was the creative space. They are swapping stores. The creative space is much prettier. As a result of this genius but difficult move our store space (within Elderberry Place) is getting a fresh look too. The store is closed for the week while these changes are made. I will update you when it is opened again. You can still pickup online orders and in a pinch knock on the door and ask to buy tea.

What is Fruity!

Right now our fruity teas are HOT! Sweet Peaches and Blackberry Delight top the list. Along with our Wellness Tea and Cherryful Heart!

Tea Steeping Refresher

If you need to freshen up your tea making materials our Full Cup Infusers and Paper Tea Filters are ready to ship for your next order