No Market

Hey Joyfuls!

It is supposed to rain all day today, so I will not be at market. I don’t mind some rain but I cannot risk the product damage. You can still shop us at Elderberry Place.

Best Sellers!

This week our Cold Brew Iced Teas have been our Best Sellers. They have been flying out the door and shipping across the country. Have you tried our Cold Brew Iced Teas? You simply pop one of the six pouches in your two-quart pitcher of water. Tea brews cold in the fridge. Each cold brew iced tea kit makes the equivalent of 3 gallons of tea.

Our best selling cold brew iced teas are Sweet Peaches, Berry Blast, and Black Mango. We have a total of 9-10 options but some are currently sold out. Grab them while you can!

We also have them as single gifts for you to send them to friends to cheer them up!