Opening Market Day Updates

Joyfuls, Hope you are doing well. I am! In my last email, I mentioned the big corporate order we were challenged to fill during the Christmas rush. Happy to say we filled it! You can view it on our Instagram. Other than going Live a few times on Facebook I’ve been gearing up for 2018 Market Season.

Opening day is March 31st! My Market Schedule is up to date through the rest of the year.

I look forward to connecting with you. Until then we offer shipping and free pick up!

Bird Feeder Cakes are now available with free shipping!

Tea Tin Gift Set

Tea Tin Gift set includes a Tea Tin of your choice, Tea Filters, Scoop – all boxed up with a gift tag. For only $9.99

Tea Tin Gift Wrapped Set

Starter Kit Set

This set is a great gift for any tea lover! It comes with 3 tea tins of your choice, a cup, infuser and lid – all boxed up with a gift tag. For only $39.99

Gathering Place Tea Bar

Create your own Gathering Place Tea Bar for your guests to enjoy the very best tea at your next family gathering. Let your guests make their own tea bags. This loose leaf tea set comes with 6 tea tins of yourchoice, 120 paper tea filters, a stainless steel tea scoop, and directions. Just add a cute tea bar sign and you are all set!   Happy Steeping,

michelle Pohl blooming with joy