SALE! Memorial Day Iced Tea Made Simple!

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Our Cold Brew Iced Tea is on sale online for Memorial Day!

cold brew peach iced teaCold Brew Iced Tea is simple to make! Pop one pouch in your pitcher of water, the tea brews cold in your fridge! Each bag makes 3 gallons of tea. No hot water or special equipment needed. Throw in the pouch, forget about it. 4-6 hours later come back to enjoy refreshing Iced Tea!

Cold Brew Iced Tea is on sale for Memorial Day BBQ’s and Camping Trips. This is the lowest price of the season!

Our Cold Brew Iced Teas come in 9 different varieties! Some with caffeine some without. I tend to favor Black Mango and Sanitea! See the Cold Brew Iced Tea listing for full details.

Gardening with Used Tea LeavesOrganic Tea Compost

Every gardener desires fertile soil made with organic compost to add nutrients to their vegetables and flowers. Your used tea leaves are the perfect addition to you garden beds and compost piles. Mix the used tea leaves directly into your soil or add them to your compost pile. Both ways are great for reducing waste!

Market Days

I have 3 locations this week, rain or shine!

  • Saturday, 5/20/17,  Lake St. Louis Farmers Market 8am-12pm
  • Tuesday, 5/23/17, Warrenton Farmers Market behind City Hall on Walton St. 3:30pm-6pm
  • Thursday, 5/25/17, Wright City Farmers Market at Diekroeger Park 3:30pm-6pm

Order online, we offer shipping and local pick up!

Happy Steeping,

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