Sanity for you! ;)

Tea of the week

It’s been a hectic day and now you are exhausted. A cup of sanity is necessary to survive the rest of the day. I know those challenging days all too well. After researching, I learned that green teas help reduce blood pressure and rooibos teas are and herbal energy enhancer. This tea will allow you to calm down, regroup, and count your blessing.

SaniTea is an herbal, caffeine-free, tea that will send your senses through the roof. The sweet aroma will comfort you as your savor each sip. You can have your SaniTea hot or cold. …or in the IV when necessary! (That is a joke.) A cup of sanity – SaniTea is the perfect sympathy gift for a friend.

Market Today!

Lake St. Louis Farmers Market today 8-12!