Simple Iced Tea


You blow me away with your ongoing support and dedication for our family business. Thank you. (Air Hugs!)

It is warming up in some parts of the country. Here in Missouri it is warm one day and freezing the next. Still, iced tea is on the beverage list this time of year. Especially those that are trying to limit sugary drinks.

All our Cold Brew Iced Teas are sugar-free, because of the cold brew steeping method the flavor doesn’t get bitter, sugar isn’t required. Simply pop one of the pouches in your pitcher, tea brews cold in your fridge.

Easy, Flavorful, Quali-tea! 😉

Everyone loves iced tea!

For those of you that cannot get enough Cold Brew Iced Tea can get the best deal here!

Tomorrow May 15, 2020, I will be at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market 8-12. It is supposed to rain in the afternoon. Hopefully, it holds out until we pack up. Our new location is across from Von Maur. Hope I will see you if not, I am happy to serve you here online or at any of our retail locations. I am adding 3 more this week!