How simple tea gives us super power!

Hello, Tea Blooms! Tea is gives us power to embrace the moment. “How so,” you ask? Sipping tea allows time to slow down to enjoy the beauty of life instead of racing past it. Taking tea allows time to breathe deep and regroup. Tea gives us the power to begin Blooming With Joy. Happiness is a feeling. Joy is perspective; a positive outlook we can embrace at any time. As tea lovers, we know this fact. It’s one of the reasons we are passionate about tea! Tell me, how does tea help you find joy? Reply to this email! I enjoy hearing from you. Today I am drinking our rich, sweet Cherry Almond Swirl.

What are you drinking?

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Where to find me this week!

Today, I will be at the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market from 8-12pm, next week will be my last week at market before I start bouncing around. Rest assured my Market and Class Schedule is always up to date with all my pop up shops! Speaking of classes, I have a Teach Me Tea Class scheduled for next week at Elderberry Place. There is only a few spots left :).