Sip this… My Favorite Tea

**New Tea** Spearmint! You asked, it’s here! Soft and sweet spearmint tea. Just what ya need to perk up!

Teach Me Tea Class

Tomorrow, Saturday February 25th,  I will be at Elderberry Place you can come between 11-2 for the free tea tasting. This will be a regular market stop for you to stock up on your favorite blends. Email your orders ahead of time if you want them ready when you arrive. Our Teach Me Tea Class begins at 2pm, you do need to register. Expect vintage tea ware,  party favors, and desserts. Its going to be fun!

Elderberry Place

Elderberry Place is one of our retailers in O’Fallon Mo! Those that choose free local pick up, when placing online orders, pick up at Elderberry Place. I prepare your order and drop it off. You pick it up at your convenience! When I demonstrate our teas at markets and classes people always ask me,

“What is your favorite tea?”

That is like asking me which of my children are my favorite. These teas are created from my passion of tea, I love each of them for different reasons. That said, hands down, I feel the best when I drink Green Tea! There is a calming and clarity that comes when I slow down for a bit to sip green tea. Green Tea is the reason I drink tea. Green tea is a refreshing light crisp cuppa. Although I feel my best when I drink Green Tea. I tend to gravitate towards Black Tea for the stronger, fuller flavor.

My top three favorite Green Teas are:

Fresh Citrus

Fresh Citrus is my “anti-crabby” tea. When I wake up needing a extra cuppa joy to keep me in check. This is the tea I grab. The calming and clarity from the green tea leaves coupled with the citrus notes set me on the right path for the day.


Everything I love about Green Tea is magnified with Matcha. So much energy. Here are a few tips about Matcha.


Jasmine is a sweet floral flavor that is simply irresistible! Jasmine is tea often served in Chinese Restaurants.


So tell me, what is your favorite Blooming With Joy Tea?

Coupon Code

This week’s coupon code is FAVORITETEA offering $2 off your $25 purchase!

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