Special Message!

Hey Joyfuls I don’t know where October went but it came and is just about gone. We have entered high volume season here at Blooming With Joy. We are so grateful that YOU choose Blooming With Joy Tea Co. for your tea and gift needs. I work hard to give you a consistent product you can depend on. I do pride myself on caring for the details on each order to gain your trust. It has been challenging this year finding quality ingredients you may have noticed several products go out of stock for a while. Because I am super picky on what goes into our tea blends. Only the best for you! Keep in mind as you order during high volume season that we are still a hand made shop. It may take 3-5 days for processing. Actually, when things really get going it might be a bit longer.

You are my why!

You are the reason that I put in the hard work to put out a consistent quality product. Your enthusiasm when you find the perfect blend that really brought a relaxing moment to you day. Your eagerness to share our teas with your family and friends. You know I enjoy seeing a different ship to address on online orders so I can add your special messages on a handwritten on a gift tag. Your encouragement via handwritten notes, emails, and one on one conversations fuel my fire to give you my very best. Thank you for being apart of the journey for 6 years.


In my email last week I mentioned that I was taking the weekend off for volleyball club tryouts. My youngest daughter has been playing recreational volleyball for 4 years. She was ready for a competitive TEAm so we made a plan months ago to prepare her for this goal. She worked hard and put in the time. During this timeframe a respected coach eluded that she wasn’t club material. Plus just weeks before tryouts she broke her finger and she had to take a couple weeks off. Her perseverance payed off. She was offered positions on TWO club TEAms!

Thank your for your ongoing support!

Advent Calendars

We are excited to offer our Advent Calendars again this year! They are ready for preorder for only 2 more weeks.

The tea blends will include a variety of tea types from Black, Green, White, and Herbals. Some blends will be from our current menu of teas and others will be new! To keep the element of surprise you won’t know which tea you are getting until that particular day!

The element of surprise enhances the magic of Christmas. In addition to the tea, each day will include a small scripture reading to help put your mind in focus for the holiday season. Keep them in order, at the end of the calendar the reading will link together as a whole message to encourage you.

New Blend Box

This is the perfect box for any tea lover. Just enough tea for the month shipped to your door. We take the guesswork out of choosing your next best tea. Each month three teas will automatically arrive on your doorstep. One brand new that we have never debated before, this tea blend is full size. Plus you get two more blends in a trial size. This ships free. Plus each box includes themes and bonuses. This is a great opportuniTEA to take care of you or a friend!

Popups Schedule

This weekend I am at Parkway West High School today 9-4 and Sunday 10-3. My booth is in the small gym.

Next week I am in O’Fallon Illinois at Township High school for the weekend in the multipurpose room.

Fall Blends