Stay Warm With Classic Teas


It’s cold outside! We are in sub-zero temperatures, with the windshield, here in the Midwest. Outside of fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters, y’all know a good cuppa tea is essential to stay warm.

Here are my personal favorites!


Nice simple clean. It has a bit of flavor but not over the top. Who can go wrong with a black tea?

Fearless Loose Tea joybox

Fresh Citrus.

I gravitate towards black teas because of the fuller flavor. However, I live my best life when start my day with a cup of green tea. Green tea helps with the morning mental fog. This blend has a kick of Vitamin C.

Hot Sassy Cinnamon.

Girl, we all know this one tastes like red hots. It is one of my top blends because of my sweet tooth. This blend is naturally sweet. Not to mention, cinnamon is great for regulating blood sugars. I like mine with a little cream to soften the cinnamon punch. You can also add some rum to warm you up. The caffeine free version is our Soothing Cinnamon. Same recipe just a different leaf. Hot Sassy Cinnamon is a black leaf making it caffeinated. Soothing Cinnamon is a rooibos tea making it naturally caffeine free. Win, win!

Berry Blast.

Did I mention my sweet tooth? Yea. So this blend tastes like Kool-Aid – if Kool-Aid was healthy… Naturally sweet, full flavor and PAIRS Great with a dark chocolate square. This blend includes rose hips with a great for blood pressure. They say dark chocolate has antioxidants. So I mean, what are you waiting for?!

Stay warm!