Summer Time Tea Party

Summer Time Tea Party

How are you my, Joyfuls?!

Unicorn Tea Party Favors

Whats better than a sweet little summer time tea party! A tea party is simple. It just takes faith and trust, and a little bit of fairy dust! Thats right, we have a tea with Magical Fairy Dust perfect for a simple, sweet tea party in your back yard. Brew it hot and pour over ice for a refreshing summer time treat to share with your guest! What better than to add our sweet little Unicorn Party Favors for the occasions. Serve tea infused scones for a delicious treat. 

Come say hello!

Today Saturday July 14, I will have my full line of tea at Lake St. Louis Farmers Market from 8-12.

Summer Time Tea Party

Cold Brew Iced Tea Blooming With Joy

Cold Brew Iced Tea

jesus and sweet tea gift

I love how simple our Cold Brew Iced Tea is to make and are great for any BBQ. They are a summer time must have for sure!  Simply pop one pouch in your pitcherand it brew cold in your fridge. Easy peasy crowd pleaser! We now offer them as Party favors too.


New to Blooming With Joy

Michelle Pohl Blooming With Joy

Hey there to all our new tea lovers and hugs to all. I’m Michelle, Owner and Creator, of Blooming With Joy.  We are a family own and operated Tea Brand in O’Fallon MO. We make

Happy Steeping,

michelle Pohl blooming with joy