Warm Up, It’s Cold Outside

blooming with joy tea bar

Tea Bar | Kitchen and Bedroom

I’m so excited to share these tea bar ideas for your kitchen and bedroom. In the winter tea lovers want to  snuggle up and sip tea. So, in my home I created two tea bars. The kitchen tea bar has a bit of everything. It is a central location and has a pretty typical set up. In the bedroom, I keep mostly herbal tea for night time. This keeps me from having to walk downstairs at night when it is cold. I can easily make tea to enjoy while I relax. Both tea bars are simple and practical. Because simple is my cup of tea!

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blooming with joy tea bar

Tea Bar Must Have Blends

Vanilla Bean Chai

Naturally caffeine free, our Vanilla Bean Chai tea is perfect to curl up with on a cold winter night.

Vanilla Bean Chai rooibos

Sleepy Dreams

This tea is perfect to calm you down and lull you to sleep at the end of a long day.

sleepy dream loose chamomile tea

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Our Chocolate Covered Strawberry tea is the perfect blend of earthy Pu Erh and bursting strawberry flavor. Lots of flavor and caffeine to get you moving!

chocolate covered strawberry loose tea pu erh

Tea Tasting

Find your next favorite tea  at our Elderberry Place tea tasting! Simple treats wonderful tea shared in vintage tea ware. Great for the new and experienced tea lover! Only $10 more information here or register here!

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