Meet Marjorie | The Tea Lover Experience to Cultivate Joy

The Tea Lover Experience

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You can expect quality tea from Blooming With Joy products, including in the way we package our Tea Lover Gift Sets that brings a smile to our customers face.

It the words of Julie Andrews,
“Brown paper packages tied up with string,
These are a few of my favorite things!”

tea lover gift setsThe simplistic beauty and extra effort that goes into our Tea Lover Gift Sets makes our clients feel special. Our Tea Lover Gift Sets come in a brown box, lined with tissue paper, and tied up with string. We also have a Tea Lover Gift | Tea Tin tied up with string too, with a bonus gift tag. Our most recent product is our Tea Lover Gift | 12 Single Serving Sampler each single serving loose tea comes in a brown envelope, hand stamped, and tied with string.

Meet Marjorie

The tea lover gift experience
Marjorie’s real name has been changed to protect her identity.

Marjorie is an 70-something years young woman I had the pleasure of meeting after she stopped by one of my tea booths. Her life experiences awarded her with silver hair and wisdom. Marjorie was skeptical at first as she inspected my tea offerings. I love tea, but more so, l enjoy listening to people. Quickly, our conversation grew beyond tea. Marjorie, opened up about the past year of her life and the reason she was alone. Marjory had to make the tough decision to take her husband to a nursing home so he could get proper care. She had just left from visiting him. It was hard for her to leave his side, and even harder for her to be alone. Marjory also confided her son passed away very suddenly, 10 months earlier. She didn’t say how or why he passed away, but her eyes did glaze over choking back tears she just needed someone to listen. I did listen. The world around my booth stopped and she became my focus.

At various points in our conversations Marjorie would pause and request various teas for her order. She loved my Earl Grey Crème and wanted a Lady Grey at the time I didn’t carry one. She continued to share her heart ache as I gather her requested items and filled her order. Marjorie’s face began to soften when I pulled out the brown box and lined it with tissue paper. She perked up a bit more as I tied the boxed with string. Finally she admitted her purchase was for her birthday and having it gift wrapped obviously brightened her day.

Tea is more than a drink, it is an experience.

Tea makes connections among strangers offers us a moment to slow down and listen to one another. Daily we are given opportunities to spread joy in our communities. A warm smile and a listening ear can resonate joy into another person. Eye contact communicates to someone who feels lost, that they are seen. We can each do are part to be a little light where ever we go.

Before I go I would like to share a few new products, you may find they will appeal to you or as a gift. Either way, there is something nostalgic about untying the string of a brown package.

tea lover gift sets home sliderTea Lover Gifts and Products

We now carry three sizes
Single Serving: so you can try it
Two Ounce Tin: the perfect gift and packs away neatly in the cupboard
Six Ounce Sack: great value to stock up and/or refill the tin.

Of course our Tea Lover Gift Sets offer great deals

Tea Lover Gift | 6 Tea Tins
Tea Lover Gift | Cup, Infuser, Lid, and 3 Teas
Tea Lover Gift | Infuser, Lid and 4 Teas
Tea Tin Gift with Gift Tag
12 Tea Single Serving Sampler

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