Teaser For July

Happy Saturday, Joyfuls!

Once again, I am at Lake St. Louis Farmers Market today until 12. Love this place!

July is our 6th year birthday month. (Thank you for your support!). I have some things planned for you in July which include a couple of giveaways, Brand New Products (that I am so excited about), and a simple event. Now that we have officially shipped to ALL 50 states Mexico and Canada I want to hang out with my national people too. The giveaways and event is for my local and national Joyfuls! So stay tuned!

Best Sellers

No Surprise here! This Week’s Best Sellers Are:

Sweet Peaches Cold Brew Iced Tea

Berry Blast Cold Brew Iced Tea

Hot Sassy Cinnamon Tea

Lake Bum Tote Bag