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It is the time of year to recognize those in your life that make things a little easier. We have gifts for nurses, teachers, assistants. Oh, of course, we have ALL the gifts for MOM!

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We specialize in gifts. It is our joy to package your gifts on your behalf with the upmost care and attention.

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Mother’s Day Tea Story!

It was a beautiful day in May, and the sun was shining bright. The birds were chirping, and the flowers were in full bloom. Alice was getting ready to host her annual Mother’s Day tea party, and she was excited to have her mother and a few close friends over for some delicious treats.

Alice had spent the morning baking scones, cakes, and cookies. She had also prepared a variety of teas, from classic English Breakfast to herbal blends. As her guests arrived, she greeted each one with a warm hug and a smile.

The tea party was off to a great start, with everyone chatting and catching up with one another. Alice’s mother, who was the guest of honor, was beaming with pride as she watched her daughter bustling around, making sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying themselves.

As the afternoon wore on, Alice’s young daughter, Lilly, came running into the room with a homemade card for her grandmother. Alice’s heart swelled with love as she watched her mother and daughter share a tender moment.

Just as Alice was about to serve the desserts, a sudden gust of wind blew through the open window, knocking over the teapot and spilling hot tea all over the table. Alice was mortified, but her guests quickly jumped into action, grabbing napkins and towels to mop up the mess.

Despite the mishap, the tea party continued, and everyone had a wonderful time. Alice’s mother gave a heartfelt speech, thanking her daughter for all she had done to make the day so special. Alice couldn’t have been happier.

Tea Party Favors with Sugar Cubes

As the party wound down, Alice’s mother leaned in and whispered, “You know, you don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to show your love and appreciation. Every day should be Mother’s Day.”

Alice smiled, knowing that her mother was right. She hugged her tightly and thanked her for her wisdom. And as she looked around at her friends and family, all gathered together on this beautiful day, she knew that she was truly blessed.