Three New Teas! Plus Tea Class!

Three New Teas! Plus Tea Class!

We have been busy creating new blends. Most of which come from listening to you, our wonderful customers! When you mention a tea blend, I  take note. Coincidentally, we now have three new blends and nine cold brew iced tea (including two chai tea blends)

Soothing Cinnamon

You love our Hot Sassy Cinnamon! If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s our #1 seller! Many have asked if we could make this blend caffeine free. We have replaced the black tea for rooibos tea making our new Soothing Cinnamon tea blend completely caffeine free! Soothing Cinnamon has the same great flavor as Hot Sassy Cinnamon, the difference is caffeine.

Soothing Cinnamon Herbal Tea

Earl Grey

We have heard you loud and clear. You love our Earl Grey Cream, Lady Grey, and Fearless but you want a good, simple Earl Grey tea blend. It is here Earl Grey Black Tea, in all its glory. It’s lovely, strong, and simple.

Black Mango

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked if we have a black mango tea. I’d respond, “We have Mango Madness that is made of white tea leaves.” I am proud to say we now have a fresh, fragrant Black Mango Tea! Yum! It also comes in our cold brew ices pouches.

Events and Classes

I will be at the Irish St. Pats Day Festival in Wentzville this weekend, March 11-12th. When I booked this event the weather was supposed to be a balmy 69 degrees! Now the temperature is predicted at 32 degrees. Oh, no! Thankfully, I LOVE what I do. Rain or shine…or snow, I will be ready and waiting with my full line of teas and ready to serve hot drinks!

This Tuesday March 14th is our LAST Teach Me Tea class for a while. So if you have been on the fence you might wanna sign up for this fun, cheap date or girls night out! I will serve you tea and desserts on vintage teaware while educating you on all kinds of tea trivia. It is fun, promise!

We are debuting our Mother Daughter Tea Event on March 25th. Our Mother Daughter Tea will include an afternoon of endless cups of tea, finger sandwiches served on vintage teaware, a craft, and games. This fun afternoon will be enjoyed by daughters ages 6 through adulthood.

Finally, we will be back in full swing at the Lake St. Louis Farmers and Artisan Market starting April 1st. Right now I am scheduled weekly. Once I get more information from Wildwood Market that might change a little.

Coupon Code

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