Todays Best Sellers

Hey Joyfuls,

I am so grateful to see your face each week at market. It makes me smile when I see your name pop up on our order lists. Thank you for you support. I love what I do. It is a joy to create tea blends and gifts for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

Today I am back at Lake St. Louis Farmers Market from 8-12. Stop by to say hello grab a sample. Tell me you read this email and I will give you a free glass of iced tea!

New Blend Box

Our June New Blend Box deadline is in a couple days. You will want jump on before you let another month slip by. This is a fun box! You get THREE teas, for only $15, with Free Shipping! The main tea is brand new blend, we’ve never made it before plus you get two others to try. PLUS you get themes and bonuses. I really put my heart into this box! Customers say it’s like opening up a Christmas gift each month. Read the reviews for yourself!

New blend box tea subscription box

Best Sellers of the Week

Blackberry Delight is a wonderfully smooth treat. If you have yet to try Blackberry Delight tea, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its superior taste. Simple yet, full-flavored.

Lake Bum tote bag was a top seller. All our totes are screen print ink not vinyl. They are a thick canvas and a large 15×20 size. My personal favorite is the dog one! When I take Bailey to the dog park and he swims in the little pond. I carry his shampoo/conditioner, towel, and leash in the tote. There is still tons of room left.