Warm Apple Pie – Must Taste!

One of our newer teas is Warm Apple Pie. It is a medium-bodied, yet it fills your mouth with a combination of spices. This black tea is naturally sweet. Where our Hot Sassy Cinnamon is almost overpowering, the Apple in this blend calms it down a bit

The apple base makes you reminisce of your grandma’s perfect apple pie. It could even pass as a delightful apple cider!

Warm Apple Pie is one of our most flavorful teas. When brewed Warm Apple Pie has a medium brown with orange hues. This tea has an aroma of spices and citrus.

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Today’s Market Location

Our market season is ending much sooner than normal this year because most, if not all of our indoor events are canceled. We have just a couple of weeks left at the LSL Farmers Market. Today we will be here until 12.