What is Pu Erh Chocolate Strawberry Tea?

Our Tea of the Week is Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pu Erh Tea. Pu Erh (pu’er) is a fermented black tea with a rich smooth flavor. It’s aged much like wine and is either rolled (like ours) or packed into dense cakes. Because of the fermentation, the caffeine level of a Pu Erh is much higher than a typical black tea. To learn more about Pu Erh Tea see the video below.

Tea of the Week

We now will be featuring a new tea each week, so be on the look for it on our social media platforms.

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Chocolate covered strawberry tea Blooming With Joy

What is Pu Erh Tea

Below is a Facebook Live Presentation I made for you Monday about Pu Erh Tea. Each Monday at 8 pm CST I plan to do a Facebook Live on tea. Follow our Facebook page to be notified of our lives.