Blooming With Joy Wholesale and Custom Blends

blooming with joy wholesale

Blooming With Joy Tea Co. specializes in tea and gifts. We offers wholesale and custom blends to clients to resell at retail stores, to give as office thank you gifts, or event party favors. We can work with any budget and any size event please email .

Retail Locations

Blooming With Joy is desired by many and make a great addition to your retail products. Our tea tins arrive to ready to stock the shelves with a gift tag and ribbon. Perfect to be sold as a gift. We offer bulk  discounts and suggested retail prices. You can also choose custom blends, and choose a unique blend name to fit your store or choose from our regular line of wonder teas! Join our other retail locations!

Office Gifts

Want a client gift that really stands out? Give them your own blend of tea! We can make a tea blend named for your office or company. The fragrance, quality, and health benefits will be impressive! We can also include gift wrapping to include: box, handmade gift tag, tea filters, tea scoop, and directions. A simple way to look professional and make your client feel important.

Party Favors

Do you love tea and want to include it in your event? We can do single servings of tea in custom color packaging and include a tea filter so your guest can enjoy it on the spot or at home. Super affordable, simply fun!


We love a challenge. Do you have something in mind but it is not above? Let us know, and we can make it happen!

To inquire about our wholesale services, please fill out this form.

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