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Are you staying warm? My goodness, it is cold out. Missouri weather has been too cold to enjoy but not cold enough for snow. Right in the middle. It’s the perfect weather for hot tea. Sometimes, at this point in the year the winter blues begin to escalate. We hope to help. Tea is a great, guilt free source of comfort. Its an opportunity for us slow down for a moment of rest and regrouping. A long conversation, added to a cup of warm tea is one way to fight the winter blues. One reason we have so many varieties of teas and blends is everyone’s palate is different. We want you to keep blooming with joy! The excitement of “which tea to try next” can help jump start a much needed conversation. Together lets encourage our community to fight the winter blues.

Tea Samplers

Tea samplers are a great way to try more than one kind of tea. Especially our 12 single serving sampler.  Give out the tea filled cards to 12 different friends who might be suffering from the winter blues. It is a great way to spread some joy!

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Green Tea

Green tea is the reason I drink tea. I was introduced to it during a very difficult time in my life. I found the instant calming and clarity helpful. Fresh Citrus is one of my favorites blends for that reason. You may have heard me call it my “anti-crabby tea” Our all natural green tea is packed full of antioxidants and the citrus elements have vitamin C. Both are a great pick-me-up on a blue day.

Giveaway Announcement Video

Last week we hosted a fun giveaway. Enjoy this Facebook live video I created to announce the winner. It was a lot of fun. I made a little mess and shared what I love.

$10 off Coupon Code

This week our coupon code is $10 off your $65 purchase! Coupon Code: FIGHTBLUE Applies to anything in the store. Don’t forget we have our larger 6 oz sacks too! Which loose tea or tea sampler gift will try next?

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